There’s Oil in That There Land!

Ever wonder where all that oil comes from? In part, it comes from Alaska.

A section of the…

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10 Terms to Know in Alaska

Some of these terms may be familiar, but either way it’s good to know what Alaskans are referring…

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5 MORE Crazy Questions I’ve Gotten About Alaska

The questions – and amusement – just don’t stop. Here’s five more questions I’ve gotten when I’ve…

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5 Crazy Questions I’ve Gotten About Alaska

Yes, I really do want people to learn more about Alaska, and hopefully visit this beautiful place!…

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Take a Ride - Balto Style

Dog sledding – one of the most well known Alaskan sports!

Look at ‘em go!
Source: Alex Berger

In the…

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Preserve Culture by Teaching it in Schools

A map showing the incredible variety of traditional Alaska Native languages.
Photo Source: Travis S.

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Guest Post – Hiking and the Fairbanks Area

By Sky Roehl

Hiking in Alaska is incredible – you need to keep an eye out for wildlife, though.

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My Personal Favorite Places to Find: Alaska Native Cultural Info

You’re in Alaska – why not learn about the people who’ve called it home for thousands of years?


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The WWII Fight in Alaska

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Do you know Juneau?

Want to visit Juneau, the capital of Alaska? You’ll need a boat or plane to get there.


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